((I should really rp more as HUNK. I forgot how much I love him.))

This is going to make me sound like a moron, but is this an rp log or an ask blog or both, because i have been desperately looking for an ask blog, and i haven't slept in 2 and a half days. I don't even know how i'm coherent.

((This is actually an RP blog, but shit man, put :ask blog and I’ll respond with a drawing or some shit. I don’t know how you’re coherent either man, but hang in there.))

I can't wait to see you roleplay! The other HUNK has nothing but amazing things to say about you all the time and he knows his shit. I could back track your blog but I don't want to ruin the suspense for this new group. =)!

Oh my fucking god. I just feel so emotional right now and ugh. People are so fucking nice and I love that other HUNK, okay? She’s my big HUNK and she holds my HUNK’s hand and throws him off cliffs so that he can learn how to swim. She’s the most amazing person ever, and she’s so considerate and thoughtful and I love her, so, so much. I’ll always be confused as to why she looks my way and talks to me, seeing as how I find myself bothering her when she says I don’t (I just don’t want to make her upset it’s confusing ;;) Oh jesus don’t back track it. The old group I was in sucked ass and I wasn’t IC unless it was for a serious rp. Thank you so much for your kind words though anon!

Seems like you and I don't fall far from the same tree huh?

Depends on what tree it is. In jobs, yes. Everything else, no.

mr. death is there any female you find attractive? if so who?

…I find Matilda very attractive. Other than that..there are a few lovely ladies, but I’m not too stupid enough to get involved with anything with them.




                Welcome back to Global Biohazard, a Resident Evil RP.

 The year is 2013 - 15 years after the infamous Raccoon City incident, which has long since become nothing more than a tale left to the dust. The bioterrorist attacks have become wider spread over the years, happening all over each continent in various countries. Civilians have become more aware of these attacks as the United Nations found their efforts to cover up the increasingly common viral outbreaks near useless, information being leaked to the media through various sources. Because of this, organizations have been making desperate attempts to keep the cities at peace, preventing riots, vandalism, and other acts of rebellion. Read more about it [here].

This is an rp group based on the survival-horror franchise, Resident Evil, and is brand new, having started fresh from the original Resident Evil RP. 

Nearly all characters are open—including the main protagonists and antagonists. If a character is reserved, come back after three days—if they have not set up an account, the character will be free to claim. The available character list can be found [here], but only two characters may be allowed per account; one major, one minor—or two minors, if you choose! Remember; first come, first serve. Be sure to snag the character you want quickly! Message the group to reserve or claim.

The [rules] are simple and easy to follow. Have fun, and happy rping!

So we’re having a dilemma.

We’re unable to decide whether or not to start the slate clean and come in with brand new characters, or to just leave them as they are, but in a new group.  Of course, we only have five members as of now, but others may want to reserve, too.

Considering if we didn’t start over, the majority of us five would be okay, I assume. But what if our Excella wants to keep her pregnancy plot, but once we get a Wesker, he doesn’t want her to birth his children and doesn’t agree to the plot? We’ve got problems like that, and I don’t really want to reset either-but if it’s for the best, it’s for the best, and I’ll do it.

Any thoughts?

Okay you guys.

Starting tomorrow, Tamara (Jake Muller and our Keith Lumley) and I (HUNK and Quint) are going to be taking over as admins, with RPD, our lovely Licker buddy, as sub-Admin overlooking OC’s.

A shit ton of changes will be done to the group, including making a new one to clear up the masterlist and everything. The new group name will be Global Biohazard, as Resident Evil Roleplaying seemed a bit..bland. You may reserve characters ahead of time.

We’re currently discussing whether or not to either have the characters start anew, as many of you have put over a year and more of work into your characters and plot lines. However, if we don’t start anew, we have problems with characters leaving and coming in brand new. This will be the first issue discussed tomorrow, so be sure to add some thoughts and input about how to help us decide by sending an ask to the Global Biohazard account, at the link below.

We’re also going to be spreading the word a lot farther than just Tumblr and the RE tag. We’re going to post to a good few other websites, so if you have any in mind, please do spread the word! We’d like as many people as possible!

We also need people to help with graphics, or request some, for our advertising. I’m currently on my mother’s because mine is dead, or else I would do them.

To reserve a character in advanced, please contact http://global-biohazard-rp.tumblr.com/ and leave an ask, and we’ll add it right away. Thank you! Happy RPing! We hope to see you soon.